The elephant in Thailand is a symbol of the king’s power, and the elephant is also the most spiritual animal. Thailand is a subtropical monsoon climate, with forests accounting for 3% of the land area and dense tropical rainforests and valleys. This climate and geographical environment is very suitable for elephants. There is even an elephant village in Tak Corridor, Thailand, where people are friends with elephants. Thai people love elephants so much that Thailand also have a nickname of “The Country of Elephant “.

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In addition to helping people to open up wasteland, build roads, log and carry heavy objects, domesticated elephants have also been credited to battlefield in Thai history. Like the storming horses, the ancient Thai war will be mounted by elephants and the monarch will use white elephants as royal mounts to increase the power of the gods. Several famous ancient battles in Thailand’s history were not only related to elephants, but also made great achievements in the war. A Thai historian once said: “without elephants, Thailand’s history may have to be rewritten.”

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